Is your business aligned with our club? We are now looking for sponsors for the upcoming season. No idea is too crazy or wild for us.  

With the excitement of our new season, we are now accepting offers for sponsorship of the Westside Steelers.
Applications open for 
- Silver Sponsor for the Steelers
- Gold Sponsor for the Steelers
- Specialised Sponsorship

Have a totally different sponsorship idea? Our in-house marketing team offers tailored solutions for your business. Get in touch with your proposal

Want to become a scout for the Westside Steelers?

Football Game



Become a Silver Tier sponsor to receive these benefits 

  1. Premium logo placement on the Westside Steelers website for a full year

  2. Dedicated promotion post on the club's social media

  3. Logo on Email marketing campaign material to all Westside Steelers subscribers

  4. Logo on all Legend member's material

  5. VIP invitation to all club's events 

  6. A custom sponsor T-shirt

  7. Match day award sponsorship

FROM $500 UP TO $5000

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Become a Gold Tier sponsor to receive these benefits .


Urgency advised to secure top tier sponsorship, applications pending.

  1. Full naming rights to the Westside Steelers for an full season

  2. Access to VIP field-side sectioned area 

  3. Logo on all Steelers club jerseys

  4. Priority sponsor for specific requests

  5. Dedicated promotion posts on the club's social media

  6. Logo on Email marketing campaign material to all Steelers subscribers

  7. VIP invitation to all club events including Open Day

  8. Dedicated marketing piece created for the specific sponsor

$5000 & ABOVE

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If your sponsorship idea doesn't align with our structure, our in-house marketing team offers tailored solutions for your business.. Get in touch for your proposal.

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We are a local gridiron club and we need all the help we can get. 
Become a Steeler Member and a part of our successful club's history. All our members are united by steel, once a Steeler, always a Steeler. Receive benefits below:


  1.  Steeler Member's Key Ring

  2. Priority invite to all club Events, eg Open Day, Awards Night, Season Launch party, all games

Price $50 Per year